The Pet Stall - Pitch No: 270

Selling Pet Food and Pet Accessories.

The Pet Stall has been on Romford Market for many years, outside of Gregg's Bakers, near the entrance to The Quadrant Arcade. You can find them every market day, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. The Pet Stall sell great quality pet foods and treats for your furry friend such as pigs ears, dog sausages, bones and knuckles, catnip, fish food and bird seed, they also stock a large range of pet items including rabbit hay, litter trays and liners, cat and dog beds, cat and dog collars, dog leads, flea treatments, dog shampoos plus much more.

The Pet Stall Romford Market

Everything you need for your pet at brilliant low prices!

Pet Toys and Treats on Romford Market

Spoil your furry friends rotten without spending a fortune! Only at The Pet Stall Romford Market!